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I mentioned earlier that Stone would be participating in a special summer program that is specifically designed for children with Autism. The founder of the program has extensive experience in this area and has a long list of strong testimonials from other families. I will include her contact and additional information at the close of this post if you are interested in contacting her yourself (or wish to share it with other families who may be dealing with children with Autism).

Stone enjoying his first sparkler on the 4th of July (with Mom)

So the short report is good – Stone is definitely making additional progress in Becky’s program. He began it July 5th so we are just wrapping up the 2nd week  (it’s Monday through Thursday, 9 – 11:30 am). He is saying “no” a LOT now (all parents can relate to this communication developmental step) and “yes” once in awhile (smile). But he is starting to string words together – for the first time he said “want gum” at school and is starting to say more (usually with some coaching) “I want xxx.”

I’m including a couple of status reports from Becky so you can get a sense of the work he’s doing and the progress he’s making (from her perspective):

This first report was sent on Thursday, July 8th:

We had a great week.  This first week was all about getting into the routine of the day, learning who are new friends are, what the rules are, where the bathroom is and so much more.  We are working on language skills, social skills, reading, writing, while lowering stress levels, having fun and laughing a lot!  You will be hearing more about Mat Man (handwriting curriculum), low, ready and high engines (How Fast Does Your Engine Run curriculum), happy, sad, mad faces, and what to say to our friends to get them to share, trade, play with and leave alone.  Again, we had a great week.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to email.  Have a great weekend, stay cool and I will see you on Monday!
Becky Blake, Neurodevelopmental Expert

This next update is from Monday the 12th:

Hi Renee,
Just thought you would like to know, I put Stone in big boy underwear when he came to school at 9am with no pull ups.  He let me know he had to go potty by taking off his pants 2 times!  He stayed dry.  I just told him big boys keep their pants dry!  He is also babbling in longer streams, which means he should start using more than just one word soon!  I see great things happening in his brain and body.   Talk to you soon.

And from Tuesday the 13th:

Hi Renee,

Well, Stone wet his pants 3 times.  But the 3rd time was right before he was ready to leave, and he was angry that he had to wear the wet underwear, as he had used all of the others.  This may be what keeps him dry.  I know to take him every 1/2 hour for now!  I will reward him for peeing in the toilet with his favorite toys (only to be played with if he pees).  He should be potty trained by Friday!  He is starting to really talk more!  I was amazed today.  He is clearer.  I use a sentence strip that says I WANT _________.  So all I have to do is show it to him and he says, I vant ____ (and the word of what he wants)!   Ty is doing better.  Last week he didn’t want to participate at all.  He wanted to do his own thing.  This week he is very cooperative.  I took pictures last week and this week and both boys have more tone in their faces, more expression and better color.  They are great kids!  Talk to you soon.


And finally from Wednesday the 14th:

Hi Renee,

We had another great dry day, until 11 when he wet a little.  Stone is starting to play with emotions.   We sing if you are happy and you know it you can laugh, and when he gets mad we sing if you are mad and you know it stomp your feet and he stomps his feet, and we sing when you are sad and you know it you can cry.  He looks in the mirror at his face and does the different expressions and motions!  So great.  This way he can differentiate between sad and mad.

Talk to you soon,


So as you can see, there is a lot going on here. And it is also worth mentioning that Ty is participating in the sessions because we felt he could use some help with his communication and social-building skills.

Here is some additional information about Becky and her program for those interested:

Becky Blake, Neurodevelopmental Expert



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