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Happy Friday everyone – we’re enjoying some rare sunshine here in the Seattle area and I’m seriously hoping we can actually string 2-3 consecutive days of it together because we all desperately need it. April was officially the coldest on record for the area and to date, May is on track to beat dismal records as well…so come on sunshine, stick around for us, OK?

Now that I got that off my chest I want to introduce today’s “Behind the Tweets”┬áprofile. I met Sean DeButts when he was serving as social media coordinator for the local Puget Sound Blood Center. As he explains on Linkedin, “I spent five months planning the Blood Center’s social media program in between calls at a call center job. Since then, I have built a nationally recognized program that allows blood donors to schedule donations through Facebook, to encourage friends via Twitter to become donors, and to receive regular advice on blood donation.”

Indeed, through that experience, Sean also created a new career and ultimately, a new business out of the social media boom. He is now co-founder and chier creative officer at SocTek, LLC, another local company that helps clients integrate Facebook and Twitter into their communications mix. Sean is smart, creative and ambitious – all great qualities for a young entrepreneur to have. He shares his interesting insights in today’s profile. I especially like his comment and advice about not posting anything you wouldn’t want heard in a Starbucks. Good stuff Sean!

Sean enjoyed a helicopter ride to San Juan Island last Summer. You can follow Sean on Twitter: @SeanDeButts

What are your favorite social media tools?

Any fast QR Code scanning app, HootSuite, bit.ly, TweetDeck for iPhone, and Facebook for iPhone.

How do you use Twitter? How about Facebook? Do they serve similar or different roles for you?

For my Business, SocTok, LLC, I tweet and Facebook on behalf of clients such as the Bellevue Club on a daily basis. I use Twitter primarily for business networking and Facebook for strengthening relationships with people whom I know on more than just a purely business basis.

Do you use FourSquare, Yelp or Linkedin?

I use LinkedIn very frequently to make sure I stay connected to new contacts, and to look out for business opportunities with current contacts and friends. I don’t get much value out of Foursquare, and use Yelp on to review restaurants before trying them out with friends.

How do you decide who you’re going to follow or become friends with on the various social media platforms?

I only friend someone on Facebook if I’ve either met them in person, or have known them for quite some time online. I reveal more about myself personally on Facebook than on other platforms.

Some people think that its dangerous to share too much personal information online. How do you manage this? Do you keep things fairly private or are you OK sharing personal details?

I never post anything that I wouldn’t mind saying out loud in a Starbucks. If I ever were concerned about someone potentially burglarizing my home while I was away, I wouldn’t post anything about currently being away on vacation, except perhaps to a “Close Friends and Family” friend list on Facebook.

What is your most memorable social media experience so far?

When I organized Seattle’s first tweetup Blood Drive in 2009, and tweets about the drive went viral.

You live in Seattle – how do sports fans put up with perennial disappoint from their sports teams year in and out?

With a good sense of humor! ­čÖé

What the heck are you flying in your avatar picture? Is there a story there?

That was a helicopter ride from Renton up to San Juan island in summer of 2010. A memorable experience!

Have you met any fun/famous celebs?

Meeting Pat Cashman from Almost Live, and working with him to put out tweet for the Bellevue Youth Theatre, was a definite high point!

Place you might want to visit (and will Tweet from)?

I’d like to tweet from SXSW next year.

Biggest Social Media pet peeve?

When people over post and don’t deliver value.

Any parting shots?

We’ve reached a point where many people are talking about social media constantly, but they talk about it in the same, casual manner that they talk about emails, letters, and telephone conversations. They’ve become an accepted, normal means of communication. Kids born 10 years from now will have a hard time understanding why we were so entranced by social media.

Thanks for participating!

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